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I first consulted Ermina to manage stress caused by burn out at work and confidence to manage some very strong personalties in the team. After my 4th sessions with Ermina I learned how confidence affects every part of our life and wanted to introduce this to my team so I asked Ermina if she could do her Mental Wellness Workshop for my team. 

My team dynamics have changed since we introduced Ermina's once a month Mental Wellness Workshops.

It has had a very positive effect on the whole business culture and individual employees happiness, performance and sick leave.  


L. R. M. R. 


I reached out to Ermina as I had stage fright and needed to step up in my new position at work. Ermina helped me not only with the way I approach and feel about public speaking but with my confidence in general. 

Marketing Manager 



Thank you Ermina for helping me with some very complex personal issues. I've seen many different therapist and for years there has not been much if any improvement. I felt always very inspired and good when I entered your office and you have a very particular way of making me feel understood and comfortable. 

Financial Advisor 



I highly recommend. 


S. M.


 I have struggled to achieve my body goals for many years. I tried all the diets under the sun and exercises, only to loose the weight look good and then stop and gain it all back again. I remember my first session with Ermina I was taken back when she said that she will not talk about an eating or exercise plan that she is only going to focus on my mind. Now 6 month after my last session with Ermina I am still loosing weight and now it is clear to me that the change need to happen in my head and the rest would follow. 

Thank you again. 

New Business Developer 

Abdulah Ibrahim 


I was first time mum and I felt really lost and very unsure of how I'll go back to work as an architect. The mental imagery therapy helped me pretty much rewire the way I saw things, my self and my confidence grew from the first session. I've been back at work for 6 months and gotten two promotions already. I see Ermina now and then for different matters as required and without fail every obstical I've overcome. 


Nina B.


A friend recommended Ermina to me as I felt stuck in my life. After 3 sessions still one to go I absolutely am in a much better place right now. Ermina is not only great at asking the right questions to understand what the issue is but she is very human (I'm not sure how to say it better) and at the same time very inspirational. 

Stay at home mum 

Sandra B.


I am a very big guy and own a pharmaceutical company, so I am the boss. However always struggled with assertiveness, when it comes to my family, friends as well as employees. The assertiveness role-plays have really helped me. Thank you Ermina for being so understanding and professional at the same time. 


R. B. 

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