This Master Class isn't about how to do a presentation or how to build a story or how to capture the audience's attention.  As this is all secondary to individuals who have public speaking anxiety.


People with public speaking anxiety can have an outstanding presentation or extremely interesting knowledge to share but tend to either shy away from the spotlight all together by not going on stage, not saying anything at the Monday morning team meeting or even use other avoidance behaviours such as not showing up on time or calling in sick.


Public speaking goes beyond talking on a stage in front of an audience, and those with public speaking anxiety know this. It interferes with everyday activities that involve an audience of two or more people.


This Master Class is designed to remove public speaking anxiety whether you are on stage talking to 10,000 people or in a group of 5, as the same principles apply.


This master class consists of only 3 sessions and those are the only tools required to overcome public speaking anxiety.


Session 1: Decatastrophizing When we think about doing a presentation or a talk or anything that involves an audience we tend to think of the worst case scenario, and worry about it which causes anxiety. This worry however is mostly verbal and involves vague thoughts that shift from one idea to another posing hypothetical questions such as "what if something awful happens" or "how will I ever cope". This keeps the chronic anxiety burning at a moderate level without it ever peaking and then dropping off which is what happens when we face our fears more specifically. In this session we use mental imagery exercises to overcome the worst case scenario.


Session 2: Turning the camera lensThis is a mental Imagery tool and exercise that teaches you how to be less self conscious by turning the camera lense outwards.


Session 3: Self esteemMost of us that have public speaking anxiety tend to have a lower than average self esteem and even if we don't we can always only benefit from a boost in confidence.

Public Speaking Anxiety Master Class

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  • You get access to the 3 weeks long Master Class for a month.  

    The Master Class Includes 8 videos :

    - 1 x Master Class Introduction Video (8:30 min)

    - 1 x Public Speaking Introduction Video ( 5 min)

    - 1 x Worst Case Scenario Video (3min)

    - 1 x Worst Case Scenario Excercise Video (17min)

    - 1 x Changing The Lense Video (3min)

    - 1 x Changing The Lens Excercise Video (18 min)

    - 1 x Self Imge Video (5 min)

    - 1 x Self Image Excercise Video (25min)


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