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Live a calm and confident life by removing Stress and Anxiety Master Class:


Please note this is for general anxiety and stress, for social anxiety please see Master Class for Social Anxiety.


Do you ever ask your self, why do some people react better to adversity then others and why do I get affect by stress the way I do?


Now more then ever we are living in a state of unknown, stress and anxiety inducing times, knowing how to manage your own stress and anxiety is paramount to living a calmer and more fulfilled life, especially in these testing times.


In this workshop we look at and challenge your schemas. Schemas are rules that we create from our experience to make sense of all the information we are exposed to and to keep us safe from danger. Here is an example of a schema: a child who loves his mother very much, but the mother sadly passes away while the child is still young. The child creates a schema that if you love someone, you will be abandoned, so it is not a good idea to love. Another example is a child does something wrong and the parent yells at them and then withdraws love from them as a punishment to teach them no to do the wrong thing. The child then creates a schema that if you do something wrong you’ll be screamed at or even worst people will stop loving you, so I must always do the right thing and never make a mistake.


You might already get a sense in the second example above how schemas can end up limiting us and cause us to stress and develop anxiety.

Schemas give us strong expectations. And by the time we are adults we can be very rigid with such expectations, wearing blinders to things that don’t fit our set of schemas. The first step is to become aware of the schemas that we have created and that takes time to listen and be aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions, after that we focus on changing the reactive schemas to desired schemas by using mental imagery therapy.


Stress and anxiety even though different to each other have one matter in common and that is the perceived threat. Stress is usually a response to external causes and can result from piled up workload, tight deadlines, strained relationships or finances, but subsides when the issue is resolved. Anxiety is usually a response to internal causes and a person’s specific reaction to stress. If you would like to live a calmer and happier life without having anxiety and stress dictate and take over your life then in this workshop you will learn different types of tools to manage anxiety, panic attacks and stress. All tools that are used in this master class are scientifically backed, which means when used correctly they work 100%.



This Master Class is divided in to 4 sessions and therefore is 4 weeks long


Session 1: Understanding Mental Imagery and discovering your schemas Awareness and knowledge is truly everything when it comes to living a better life. So first session is designed to help you become aware of what is it that causes you stress and anxiety, in other words what schemas do you have in place as well as what mental imagery is and how images affect us.

In this session you will also learn the grounding technique to stop panic attacks and the rule of 3 thoughts to avoid anxiety.


Session 2: Stop stress and anxiety before it starts!

Now that you know what triggers your stress and anxiety you will be able to prevent it from happening all together through a Mental Imagery tool called repeated cognitive review.


Session 3: Mood board

Once we have established what we don’t want in our life we need to know what we want to replace that with. In this session you will learn how images influence our mood and behaviour and how to create a mood-board correctly.


Session 4: Rewiring – the NEW you

Using mental imagery tool Self-Image you are going to replace your old ways of living with anxiety and stress to the new calm, fulfilling and happy you.


Managing Anxiety and Stress Master Class

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