Now more then ever we are living in a state of unknown, stress and anxiety inducing times, knowing how to manage our own stress and anxiety is paramount to living a calmer and more fulfilled life.


I’ve put together this Master Class based on my 1:1 session with clients that I see in my clinic. The Master Class is divided in to a 4-session plan utilising evidence-based tools and techniques, which means it’s scientifically backed.


Master Class Outline:


Session 1: Spotting

In this session we start by developing the skills in spotting what it is that’s triggering our response of stress and/or anxiety. Here we learn about schemas and how to spot our own schema using cognitive behavioural therapy exercise.


Session 2: Stopping

Once we spot what triggers our stress and anxiety we will be able to stop the reaction through a mental imagery exercise called repeated cognitive review. In this session we will increase our awareness of signs that we are about to be triggered and experience stress and /or anxiety. By being aware of what’s about to happen we can be better prepared.


Session 3: Changing

After we establish what our unhelpful schema is and can stop the reaction of stress and anxiety before it happens we then need to replace the old schema with a new one. It is very important that we replace unhelpful schema (old response of stress and anxiety) with a new desired schema (new response) otherwise we leave a gap that eventually will result in us going back to reacting in the old way. Here we will be again utilising cognitive behavioural therapy to identify the new desired schema.


Session 4:Reinforcing

Using mental imagery exercise Self-Image we are going to replace your old ways of living with anxiety and stress to the new calm, fulfilling and happy us, by conditioning our mind to react with the new schema (desired reaction) to stress and anxiety inducing matters.

Managing Anxiety and Stress Master Class

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